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Skateboarder 🛹 | Formula 1 Enthusiast 🏁 | Anime Lover 🍿 | Developer 👨‍💻 Let's connect and chat! 😊

Work Experience

  • Media Monks

    PresentMar 2023

    Frontend Developer

    Developed cool campaign websites and handled internal dev tools. I rocked React, Vue.js, and Node.js to make awesome user experiences. I loved the agile vibe, always delivering top-quality results, and growing my front-end skills! 🚀😀

  • Quinbay

    Mar 2023Aug 2022

    Software Developer

    Worked on B2B e-commerce products, played with microservices, and migrated repositories to Vite. I also optimized code, set up linting, and dabbled in Spring Boot, Kafka, and Nginx. It was a great learning experience in a tech-savvy environment! 🛠️😄

  • ByAll

    Sep 2022Jun 2022

    Frontend Developer

    Crafted a job seeker-company connection platform using React and TypeScript, integrated ML models, and ensured a seamless UX. Firebase handled data storage and authentication. Achieved rapid loading times and top-notch Lighthouse scores through optimizations. 🚀

  • Arima Labs

    Jan 2022Jun 2021

    UI/UX Designer | Fullstack Developer

    Designed a traffic violation dashboard with React, TypeScript, and ML. Improved query response times, optimized deployment with Docker. Now used by Tamil Nadu Traffic Police! 🚦

  • Hoods

    Feb 2022Oct 2021

    UI/UX Designer | Flutter Developer

    Designed and Developed a regional social media app similar to Reddit using Flutter and Firebase. 🌍

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